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2D / 3D

2D games are flat and are rendered in 2 dimensions only. While on the other hand, 3D games have volume and depth. This basic difference leads to some other influences like movement, environment, controls, and goals in the gameplay. Movement: In 2D games the movement of the character is linear.



Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Games. Forged in gaming and used across industries to create innovative AR/VR content, Unity's flexible real-time platform offers unlimited possibilities to unleash your creative potential. Finally, create intelligent AR experiences with our new authoring environment. 

                Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. ... Virtual reality (VR) implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world.



Games are more fun with the Google Play Games app. Discover your new favourite game, then challenge your friends and track your achievements.
            From the Creators of the Original Hill Climb Racing Comes Hill Climb Racing 2! It's Bigger, It's Better And It's Much Much Funner.



A browser game is a video game that is played via the World Wide Web using a web browser. These games span all genres and can be single-player or multi-player. They are usually free-to-play. 
            Some browser games are also available in other forms: as a mobile app, a PC game, or on a console. For users, the advantage of the browser version is not having to install the game; the browser automatically downloads the necessary content from the game's website. However, the browser version may have fewer features or inferior graphics compared to the others, which are usually native apps. 
            The front end of a browser game is what runs in the user's browser. It is implemented with the standard web technologies of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly. In addition, WebGL enables more sophisticated graphics. On the back end, numerous server technologies can be used. 
            In the past, many games were created with Adobe Flash, but they can no longer be played in the major browsers. Some of these games have been preserved in a dedicated app.